No Fun, All Joy

Naomi Clark’s children couldn’t be happier that she’s finally finished her dissertation.

Though not a large part of the MU population, students with children face unique challenges to achieving success in school. But what they lack in free time, they make up in determination — and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Clark, her husband, Derrick, and children Liberty, 5, and Barrett, 1, will move in the coming months to Iowa, where Naomi Clark has accepted a tenure-track position as a professor of English.

Even though she will soon no longer be a student parent, Naomi Clark continues to advocate for the parenting students who will come after her. Her efforts revolve around preserving an on-campus day care option for students with children after university administrators announced that the current day care, the Student Parent Center, will close in June.

(Produced in the spring of 2014)